This Wiki describes the machine health monitoring sensor suite project being conducted by the Dumond Lab at the University of Ottawa.

This Wiki was created to simplify the knowledge transfer process for this sensor project, since it incorporates so many different kinds of software and hardware elements. It contains external resources, project specifics, suggestions, and explanations about design choices (which might help the next developer make their own design choices).

Why a Wiki?
A note from your friendly neighbourhood OG admin

Since there are so many moving parts to this project on a strict timeline, it was clear that documentation would be crucial for the next phase. My original system involved a OneDrive as well as a folder of resources (which you should have received if you are working on this project), however OneDrive was annoying for a couple reasons:
*Hard to search easily.
*Took a long time to open pages and load images.
*Took a long time to save automatically.
*Generally irritating user interface for something collaborative like this.

Since this project is supposed to be open-source, I decided to create a simple open-source Wiki on Wikidots that would be organized, straight-forward, and highly indexed. This also gives me a chance to refine my notes from OneDrive into a format that is actually readable.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License