This page describes the memory strategy for this project and provides references for working with this chip.

Evaluation Kit Capabilities

Since this project was initially developed on the evaluation radio board BRD4182 (40-pin QFN package), most of the information on this page pertains to this chip.

From [1]:


From [1]:


From [2]:


Crucial takeaways:

  • Have up to 512kB of flash memory, including main program.
  • Flash memory pages are 8kB.
  • Also have 32kB of RAM.

Relevant Software Components


  • Flash for the main program at 0x00000000
  • SRAM for the main data memory at 0x20000000
    • Primary purpose: store application data; DMA may be set up to transfer data between the SRAM, flash and peripherals (like from our sensor)
  • Sequencer RAM (SEQRAM) at 0xA0000000
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2. Silicon Labs; EFR32MG22 2.4 GHz 6 dBm Radio Board BRD4182A Reference Manual;
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