Notes for Editors

This page has some useful tips for future editors that will help keep the Wiki organized and up-to-date.

Things to Include with New Pages

When you add a new page, for the sake of organizing, please do not forget the following things:

  1. Tag it with the first letter so that it shows up in the glossary. (ex: this page has the tag _n, which means it shows up under N)
  2. Tag it with at least one other big label, like 'hardware' or 'software'.
  3. Add a reference to it in at least one other page so that it's not orphaned.
  4. Make sure the first sentence is short and to the point (to show up in the glossary).
  5. Make sure there's a space after the first sentence, and between the next part of your page.

About Files

All homemade images are stored directly on this Wiki. Updates to images will require deleting that file on the page and re-uploading the new version with the same name.

Images from elsewhere on the internet are brought in via URL - links might need to be repaired occasionally, but these are not stored in the Wiki.

Pages that are important, but would otherwise be listed in "orphaned pages" (which I'm using to keep track of website):

One of the site tools is listing orphaned pages, and I use that to keep track of pages that I have specifically written. To keep it clean, I have linked the following pages that are included in every new Wiki so that they stop showing up in the orphaned list.

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