Open Source Status

This page describes the open-source licensing of this project, breaking it down by source code.

Silicon Labs

This project is developed in Simplicity Studio v5, which is the tool suite by Silicon Labs for Silicon Labs MCUs (including our EFR32BG22). The firmware for this project has incorporated elements from various application and peripheral examples provided by Silicon Labs, which are available on the Silicon Labs Github as open-source, as-is software (section 7 of the Silicon Labs Master Software License Agreement [1]. This code can be changed, altered, added to, and distributed.

Much of the source code from Silicon Labs is not open-source, as dictated by section 5.1.3 of the Silicon Labs Master Software License Agreement [1]. Future developers may need to find an alternative SDK to program this device, or create a system whereby it is clear for users how to incorporate the open-source software created by this project into a Silicon Labs project. I recommend using Mbed, which is Arm's open-source IoT tool suite for hardware using Arm processors, which includes many other development kits from the Silicon Labs Gecko family, although not currently the Wireless Gecko (I assume it is a matter of time).

Viable Alternatives

Currently, the benefit of Simplicity Studio is that it provides specific, accurate firmware to interface with Silicon Labs products (like the Wireless Gecko). It also provides technical support through the Silicon Labs community website (I've used this a number of times - they are very helpful). However as the goal of the project is to eventually be fully open-source, here are some alternatives that I have found:

  • Mbed - This is Arm's open-source IoT tool suite for hardware using Arm processors. The downside (and the reason I have not switched for my portion of this project) is that Mbed doesn't currently have support for the Wireless Gecko, although it appears to have support for the rest of the Gecko family, which suggests to me that it's just a matter of time (at the time of writing, the Wireless Gecko is still fairly top-of-the-line).

See Also

1. Silicon Labs Master Software License Agreement;
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